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Hand band tattoo. in this tattoo we use rudhra-aksh as band and Om design and trishul design as pandel. it's hindu gods symbol. it can be customized with lots of designer trishul tattoo and om tattoo. we also have lots of design in hand band tattoo
warrior tattoo design a team of tattoo artist where we provide lots of warrior tattoo. this warrior is known as spartan. Similar kind you will get skull tattoo.
a tattoo is a way to express your feeling towards some. in this person want to show his attachment towards god. Buddha tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo design. in our tattoo studio you will get lots of designer tattoo.
arm tattoo we have lots of design in arm tattoo which cover your entire arm n look attractive
Om tattoo with the background shade of lord shiva face. which is again design by our team which comes with lots of creative idea. this one the best tattoo studio in Bangalore which i find as of now. one of the best tattoo artist
Om tattoo with trishul. if we take about om tattoo than lots of creative idea will come in our mind for that we have best tattoo artist in bangalore who can think in that way and provide a best design tattoo. we can say that we have best tattoo artist in bangalore as team
small design tattoo in fore hand design by the tattoo studio of Bangalore. here we are presenting loin face tattoo. we are the best tattoo studio in south bangalore and we have lots of design in tattoo. we also provide tattoo training to the youngster who want to establish his/her career in tattoos
3D design tattoo of butterfly. butterfly tattoo design where we have lots of colours and size in this design tattoo. here we have south bangalore best tattoo artist team. we also provide tattoo training institute
Mom and dad tattoo. this tattoo is demand of all child who loves there parents. this tattoo is design by an tattoo artist who want to do something for their parents. he dedicate this one for them. we have lots of story behind tattoo designing and we are the best tattoo studio